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Drastic Ds Emulator APK Download Latest Version

Drastic ds emulator apk

The drastic ds emulator is the application that is designed specially for the Nintendo game lovers out there, many of us are aware that there has been tons of fans for Nintendo since our childhood and now, SO basically what this application does is it acts as an emulator to all the Nintendo games which is nothing but you can play high graphic Nintendo games without any issues not only this it has many other additional features like you can save the games state/level etc. With this application you can tweak or rock your games by those many cheats codes available.The drastic emulator is not available on the google play store but you can directly download it by any trusted third party application or you can download by following the link here "click here" . Now let us know more about this application, The drastic emulator has large set of amazing features as well as modifications and it is no doubt the best emulator compared to other emulators available.

This application works perfectly well on smartphones and PC's and the main focus of this application is to improve your gaming experience, Alright now lets get on to the features to of play Nintendo games on drastic ds emulator apk

  • The first feature is you can save your game status or game stage either online or offline like you can save it directly on SD card and access it whenever you want in the same way you can save it on google drive so that you can access anywhere.
  • The interesting thing is that you can increase the 3D graphics of the games by 2x times the resolution(again this also depends on the configuration of your device).
  • The next thing is that it(drastic) has screen customization which enables you to customize your screen according to your availability and for that much time is not needed as it is easily understood.
  • It works on both landscape and portrait mode, you can choose it according to your convenience or your choice.
  • The drastic ds emulator supports almost all the android devices starting from Android ginger bread(2.3.3) to Android marshmallow.
  • All types of physical controllers are supported in the devices like NVidia etc.
  • You can tweak or play like a pro with those cheat codes.
  • Last thing is you can increase the emulation of the game.

So these were the features of the drastic ds emulator apk and now let us know about the installation process

Steps to Install Drastic Ds Emulator apk 
  1. Download the drastic application from the link provided above and after that download "Lucky Patcher"
  2.  Then, open the Lucky patcher apk and find the Drastic application in the lucky patcher.
  3. click on the Open Menu for Patches > Remove License Verification > AutoModes >
  4. Finally Click APPLY

Done now you have successfully completed the installation and if you don't understand the installation process then follow this video you will get it.

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